no body knows by sir.Blessing

sir.Blessing | February 18th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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No body knows what my thoughts does to me every night before I sleep.
No body knows what dreams I dream every night of my life.

And everyday of my life as I wake up with a smile and pretend as if everything is right,
No body knows that deep inside, My heart knows no smile.
With pride nobody knows that pain roam around my scattered heart.

And with tormented thoughts no one knows my deep and true emotions.
But though I smile and pretend that all is well,
Only I know the reality of every pain I live in.
In every happy scene of my life there’s a doorway that pain usually sinks in.
And some pains makes my skin shrink in.
And no shrink can talk me out of it.

Well no body knows what I’ve come and went through.
But only I know that my happily ever after will come soon.
Because no matter how bad things are no pain leads to any Doom.

The truth is no matter how big or small things may seem,
Nobody knows how big,
The width,
The length,
And The size of all pain
I’ve seen and been through.

Poet Bio

I blessing am the editor of the poem nobody knows.

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