No More Birthday Blues by Keelan LaForge

Keelan LaForge | July 13th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

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The birthday blues blew in today,
Nine days ’til thirty-five comes my way.
This year I won’t blow out candles alone,
I have a little family dome, a home.

New candles shouldn’t be sad at all,
Another year we stood like lights, bright and tall,
A birthday slice so sweet and light,
A custom made to keep our faces bright.

What will you ask for on your birthday cake?
Vanilla, or just iced dreams ready to take?
Whatever you might find in the candlelight burning down,
When the wax melts we’ll still get up off the ground.

Poet Bio

Keelan LaForge is a writer of poetry and fiction. She has a wide range of books available on Amazon, including “Poems by Candlelight” and “Soul Poems.” She has a YouTube channel called “The Funky Thrifter” and a blog at She has two children and when she isn’t spending time with them, she can be found typing away with a cup of coffee as her constant companion.

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