No Wonder It Kicked The Bucket by Gonsalves Mpili

Gonsalves Mpili | December 22nd, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

As small as a little star over the galaxy,
It got obsessed about itself,
It had a blurry mind hence oppressed,
It blushed after being overdressed,
With the favour of being extraordinary little,
Always high tempered when down it was pressed,
The bigger ones were told to blanket it,
Their smile made it comfy,
It’s brightness wasn’t welcomed,
One factor behind that, it shined with warmth,
Colors of the rainbow acknowledged that,
A belief of being big, it saw no progress,
Was never given a ticket to grab a bus to the universe,
They were cold hearted to leave it behind,
Their thoughts were like poles of a magnet,
Which repelled against it,
The hourglass was halfway to closure,
It’s mind got drowned with their floods of negligence,
The storyteller told the audience,
This is how the end ended,
Read the title.

Poet Bio

“He started writing poems at the age of 16. He wrote a poem to his father during his retirement party” Kim Liu

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