Nompumelelo Sambo by N.L.S

Nompumelelo Sambo | October 1st, 2023 | poetry | 2 Comments

Poet Bio

Imagine the pain
Of being happy while you’re being tamed.
The happier you get,
The more terrified you are of the sad unknown
“Happiness results in grief after time”
An old proverb from broken adults.
Imagine the pain,
Of being happy while taming yourself for your own gain.

Poet Bio

I am Nompumelelo Sambo. I started writing at quite an early age because I enjoyed rhyme and the play of words. Now I write so people can see the world through my eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Nompumelelo Sambo by N.L.S”

  1. Your poem is so true to reality. Seeing how you see it makes me realize that, there are people that know what’s reality like. It really is amazing to see it in writing.

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