None of it is Time by Patricia Furstenberg

Patricia Furstenberg | March 30th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments


knowledge came with the learning
that we were a patchwork of sorts,
parts here, others outside us.
wisdom came with the realization
that time, immaterial as air,
is made of more than one kind of essence.
hard core

holding us, like a river
homing us, like a castle
of ice. Water and air, strong and fragile,
whooshing through our lungs
and through our veins.
the kind of fabric, some said,
to measure, buy, stock, and hold the monopoly of its trade,
or a medium to be shaped, Like clay. At will.
Time, yes, the New Time,
let’s charge its use
with the cloth that fashions
the patchwork of our bodies.

know they not
that the cloth we’re fashioned of
cannot be weaved outside of time-
until time passes
none exists that we can name.
there isn’t much left
of this cloth
that we still can’t name
the way it runs through us

none of it
is Time.

Poet Bio

Novelist and poet, Patricia Furstenberg has a degree in Dentistry and is the author of 18 books including “Transylvania’s History A to Z”, “Silent Heroes” – chosen “One of the Five Books Everyone Should Read in Their Lifetime”, and “Joyful Trouble” – Amazon Bestseller. Patricia Furstenberg’s writing focuses on people, on how history surprised them, and on the footprints they left, memories that should not be forgotten. Her stories and poetry has been published in over thirty anthologies and journals.

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