Nostalgic by Naazneen Laher

Naazneen Laher | August 15th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


A soul that speaks
The definition of nostalgia-
Before the horrors
For she is delicate and dear,
Holding onto a time far from near
One that makes you fall silent
For the cries of the times shall never
Touch her-
She is seemingly distant
Yet so far displaced
Eyes so dazed-
As if looking into the wings of fairies beyond
A soul perched on the moon
Humming lullabies to the youth
In hope to ease the anxieties
Of what is held below

Poet Bio

Naazneen is a poet and English educator. She has a collection of poems published on Amazon, Musings of my Soul. Read more of her work on Instagram @poemsbynaaz

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