Not Every Woman is Pretty by Syeda Alina Zahra

Syeda Alina Zahra | February 17th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

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I admire beauty, I adore how some girls are so beautiful and soft
Whenever I shake hands with a woman or hug a friend of mine,
I never forget to tell them how beautiful it felt,
How their soft hands should be held and loved,
Because I didn’t have that privilege,
I didn’t have the privilege of soft hands,
Nature didn’t bless me with big beautiful eyes,
Or a perfectly shaped nose,
Or lush lips and tinted cheeks,
I don’t befit the criterion of what they call “pretty” nowadays,
I don’t fulfil any beauty standard.

Whenever I see the pictures of myself that were taken off-guard, where I wasn’t actually “trying” to look pretty, I take a good look at them and understand myself.

I take a deeper look at them than the other pictures that make it to my social media, the “acceptable pretty ones”.
I want to accept that I will keep on looking the same, no matter how many new products I buy;
I want to accept myself.

How my eyebrows always look frowned when I’m not being looked at by anyone.
How I’m always biting the skin under my lips, until someone asks me to stop it.

And how my eyes only open halfway through when I am resting my face, not posing.

I’ll also accept the fact that multiple pimples have felt at home residing on my face, every now and then, and they aren’t going any time soon.
I can’t hide them with makeup, they’re a part of me and my unhygienic diet that I love (not to mention).

I want to accept it all.
I won’t lie to myself.
I won’t make a fool of myself, like all the insecure people out there.
I won’t say that every woman is pretty.
No, every woman isn’t pretty. I am not pretty.
Women are strong, fierce, kind, funny, empathetic, hardworking, passionate, and some are pretty too.
I might be a lot of adjectives of the vocabulary, but I am not pretty.
I wasn’t built to be pretty.

Poet Bio

Alina is a young writer from Pakistan, her work is based on daily life experiences and how minor details provide a whole dimension for poetry. She writes about nature, human beings and romance. Her work has previously been published in Women’s Spiritual Poetry, an American Magazine.

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