Now that your gone! by Khomotjo Manthata

Khomotjo Manthata | February 2nd, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

My heart lost its trigger momentarily
They told me you were gone…
But where I wanted to know

You were my enemy, but I sobbed
Anger came rushing, flooding my whole being
I could not forgive myself

Now that your gone, I wish i had told you
Told you that I forgive you
Told you that I’m sorry
Told you that I love you

But still my heart lost its trigger momentarily
Now I wonder if your grave is
Warm enough

Now I miss your face
I walk around and see you everywhere
And that’s when I know that I should have told you

Told you that what is destroyed by tongue
Shall again be fixed by the tongue
Told you that you were a blessing

But now that your gone, I should have told you!

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