Nursery Rhymes by Bulumko Nyamezele

Bulumko Nyamezele | February 10th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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twinkle fickle black stars
no one really cares how they are
as long they just deliver

the beat
the rhymes
the blunts
the lines
the dreams
the highs
the flow
the scandals
the lows
the lies
the crimes
the time.

the itsy bitsy darkie came up the boundary wall
so the story goes
then the show started
it’s said that beauty betrayed the beast
but no one believed how violent his breed was
until the bullets testified.

cause of death?
giving a shit in the wrong neighbourhood
leaving the sheets with too much doubt

the conspiracy goes…
they bleed sometimes
only when you beat them too hard
someone, two, three then the whole tribe
said that they feel sometimes
loyal to the perfect fault
they smile through the pain
and your moods become their religion

Poet Bio

i write sometimes

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