Nyaope Boy by Noluthando Buthelezi

Noluthando Buthelezi | Feb 21st, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Nyaope Boy’s name is Lethabo
He begs for money on taxi intersections
The stench of his addiction lingers
Long after he has left the taxi’s front window
It smells like desperation

It smells like “Noma yini awth’yam”
Like the fragrance of humiliation
As the awkward blank stares of commuters
Chew his self-esteem from the back

“Mara daideng ngizoy’yeka awth’yam” he says
Hoping to wipe the disgust off the driver’s face
He is ashamed

Has named him after things that hurt
…Like needles, Things that burn….
Like matchsticks. Things that itch…
Like a quick Fix_

Things that die…
Like dreams
And people


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