Ocean Blue by Azhar Amien

Azhar Amien | Sep 28th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


My ocean blue
Hold onto you
My tired heart
Is like salt in deep water
My empty mind
And wounded pride
My silent voice
Is like ice in a fire

Across the sea storm
You call out to me
The waves scream louder
And I am drowned by your song

There is no saving grace
You watch me sink
The tears swept by rain
And I am still here breathing

My quiet fall
Take it all
My final cry
Is like rain underwater
My farewell touch
Gives too much
My final word
Is like shade in the night

Poet Bio

Azhar Amien is a South African writer who has been honing his craft since age ten. Formerly a personal blogger and editor of a local gaming and technology website, he has also self-published a novel that he wrote as a student. This year Azhar feels ready to pursue professional outlets for his work.

Whilst working on a new novel Azhar delved into poetry, finding a creative spark that spawned a whole collection he aims to complete this year.

Azhar creates with one motto in mind: writing is madness finding its escape hatch.

You can read more of his poetry, stories and thoughts on Instagram @storiesbyazhar and on Twitter @azhar_amien

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