Ode to Colour by David Allsopp

David Allsopp | September 14th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Great adorner, that all things ornaments,
cloaks and weaves in braids of soulful subtlety
The ever-varying dyes and watered shades
That numberless defy the lethargy
Of our too-burdened and frantic sight
By breathing the warmth of ardent feeling
In each object that around us clamours
With the din and frenzy of savage fight,
As of some bottled potion brimmed with healing –
Thou Colour – thy scents of perfumed seeing
ease the heart and make golden our vision.

Poet Bio

This is the work of David Allsopp aged 27 from Worcestershire in England. He has always been a lover of Poetry and so decided to take his writing of it more seriously recently.

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