Ode To Uncertainty by Kirsten Munro

Kirsten Munro | Oct 5th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Shackles of dishonesty
“Run!”, the monsters are coming
For one should know not to believe it so
The prophecy, a false god!
Virtue exists in questions
Accepting anything for peace;
Cowardly at best
“Hide!”, reality is fiction that snatches joy!
O moon, can humanity hide in your shadow?
Can the star people come home?
Our world is dying, good people are losing the battle
Truth is crucial but serpent tongues cannot but tell a lie
I ask why?
Why do good men and women fall for everything?
Compassion without certainty is foolish
For a crow can look like a dove
Be awake, ask a question
Think for yourself, in the name of those you love
A future is not certain
But the present can determine the outcome.

Poet Bio

Kirsten Munro is an upcoming author, artist and is very athletic. Kirsten is currently writing a novel talking about her dreams where she lives someone else’s life.

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