Of A Man And His Dream by Chilufya

Chilufya Chileshe | January 24th, 2024 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

There once was a man
whose life before we met,
I know nothing of.
I like to believe
our meeting changed him
boyish vigour, matured to manly valour

This man dreamed a dream
the dream of luscious green vegetables
big bouncy bullheads
bright, noisy and prolific boars

The dream consumed the man
dispossessed him, it became him
he lost his slender, eloquent beauty
gave up his warm comfortable dwelling

The dream wreaked malady on the man
this dream he was yoked to
not to be understood
by simple minds

Of one thing I am certain
nothing imaginable could have (or ever will) rend asunder
this man from his dream
his deepest longing
to which all else was subservient.

Poet Bio

I wrote this poem a few years ago inspired by my father. He passed away, a month ago. I remembered this poem today and was surprised to note that i wrote it in past tense and used words that are surprisingly applicable to how he passed. Transcending the time of his life from before I existed to after he no longer does.

Chilufya writes poems as a celebration of our diverse but shared humanity, and a useful outlet for the frustrations with injustice and celebrations of triumphs in our world today. Her poems are inspired by the social injustices she has spent close to two decades of her life working to end.

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