of dusk and dawn. by Luci Black

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Dressed in our resplendent nature
we deceive the eyes of onlookers
with our dazzling halos, bright smiles
and head to toes oozing of confidence.
Disguised in our obfuscate designs
we enthrall the hearts of those
who show compassion to our plight,
with a full simulacrum of darkness.
We are day and we are night.
The sun shines from our lips
and only a select few, the trusted few
are invited to a front seat preview
of our hidden calamities.
We are light and we are dark.
The clouds close in on the sun
to remind the day of tenebrosity
and so,
the stars attach themselves to night
as a reminder of radiance.
You cannot hide light for long
and even the light cannot prevent
the inevitable looming darkness.

We are dusk and we are dawn.
We are perfectly balanced
and yet,

we are beautifully torn.

Poet Bio

Luci Black is an Alt Lit poetess that rises before the sun to stare into the vastness of its glory over the African continent. Rhythm seeker. Dream believer. Adventuress.


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