Of Fond Union by Mandeep Kaur

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Of Fond Union

A splash of blitheness

Clad in softer shade causing

Shrieks in red petals

With glide so gentle

Letting the pieces fall

Painting colors in his thumping heart

How beautiful and rare she was

And how special to him!

Inching closer to her in enraptured fancy

Sinking in her thoughts while she indwells

That un-dwelt space of heart where no one else has ever been

The innocent glee in her eyes

Giving him million thinks

So filled of her, every inch of him

And the resultant radiant glow beams.

That maddening passion

Soaking the soft moonlight

Not letting the feelings fade

Not Certain

The heart beating for her or he is beating for the heart

To hug the one, he was always thinking of perhaps!

Can’t grasp the world anymore

As her thoughts walk wild on his numb brain

Spreading his waiting arms

Dying to catch her while the dew rides the pink petals

Sheer magic oozing out of her full moist lips

His heart enmeshed in her thoughts in the quick passing soft hours

Sighing for that hold so rapturous

Holding the stars in her smile

Gleaming in glow with the blush so rare

Apple-kissed creamy cheeks

Waiting for his panting rhythms of love

Everything he craved for rests in her eyes

Where love runs untamed, he dreams

Million ways he would touch her

Sinking in her bottomless inner chambers

Here dawns that night

Flowing beyond measures

Her heart laid bare

His wandering lips

Sneaking into her tender inner recesses

Their bodies lay entwined with curved elegance

Strokes of passionate affection

Trickling the petals of her soul into his being

Their one world and the beatific moonlight

Even the stars envied

Their bond strong.

Poet Bio

Kaur is working as an Assistant Professor. She teaches courses on Victorian literature, African literature, British Drama, genetics in literature and film, and contemporary American literature at the graduate and post graduate level. With her vivid academic interests, she wants to explore everything and anything that stimulates her intellect. Her research work is mostly in the form of papers, poetry and articles published in multiple journals.

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