Of Things That Fly by Emuobome Jemikalajah

Emuobome Jemikalajah | April 6th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


Bring, bring happiness to me!
Blue bird of dainty hue.
Paint the sky with silken brushes;
Glide through and make it blue.
Bring clouds in myriads of pieces
And I will make it new.
Make me a canvas of clouds
For I am young and happy.

Dance, dance heart of mine!
To music of feathery dove.
Fall in love and rise in beauty
Make nests in Cupid’s grove.
Bill and coo love’s notorious words
Make echoes from high above.
Sing, mockingbirds to me
For I am young and free.

Wake, wake diligence in me!
You bird of industrious bill.
Till, till pecker of woods;
My work be yours I will.
Pray all my toil be done;
Grant rest in your weary quill
Take me where rest will be
For I am of age and burdened.

Take, take worries away!
You owl whose calls awaken.
Fie, fie! Bird of night
Sweet dreams your songs have taken.
Paint the sky in sordid grey;
For I have youth forsaken.
Sing me to rest and lethe.
For I am old and weary.

Poet Bio

Emuobome Jemikalajah is a Nigerian poet who writes from Warri, Nigeria. His poems have been published in various online forums and in print.

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