Of This Dance by Des Springhall

Des Springhall | Apr 23rd, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Of this dance, I skirt the outer boundaries of swirling participation
My vision averts constantly from the peripheral intoxication
I know I am the one who saw this dance as my final c’ est la vie
My guilt makes me stare inwardly as if my soul had betrayed me
Giving up hope had entranced my fragile mind
Leading my ill perspective into the realms of darkened reside
How entranced and compelling has been my case to not exist
Only now while facing the dance, do I fathom my reason to desist
Faith beats within my heart with a resounding emphatic roar
I see now this dance is not for me, as I turn my back on death’s door

Poet Bio

Des is an artisan who lives in Capetown

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