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Dark Plasma | April 11th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


I wish I could art without a frame
Nor a gallery of eyes to hang my name
I wish I could paint with living colour
To mirror the brilliance of their original installer

I wish I could art like a flame
Produce without a need to proclaim
Commission without shades or brush strokes
With only the ether’s own cosmic spokes

I wish I could remain a blank canvas
Paint beauty without a need to then converse
Nor about any wall street to call my zone
Or any works my ego can claim to own

So that much of my life’s work wouldn’t be in vain
So you might overlook my masterpiece as only full and plain
Permanently suspended in invisible ink though unmarked,
That trails my postmortem’s main trademark

Of vivid dots that meander from curved lines into themes
Into a pen’s unwritten dream of untitled schemes
Carrying my body of work like a shooting dart
Searching the air for meaning…for a new start

Without a need to ever rhyme nor mime
Nor try to offer any meaning of our times
And this will be my heartfelt thanks
In the shallow end of the shark tank

Poet Bio

I’m an aspiring writer. Runner. Sketch artist. painter and sculpture. I love classical music and theater..I enjoy performance poetry and live concerts.

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