Old Technology by Wisdom Ncube

Wisdom Ncube | May 27th, 2023 | poetry | 1 Comment


In dusty corners and forgotten drawers,
Lay remnants of a time before,
When technology was simple and pure,
And progress seemed so sure.

A rotary phone with a tangled cord,
A typewriter with keys well-worn,
A cassette tape with songs of old,
A Polaroid with memories to hold.

These relics of a bygone age,
Now obsolete and disengaged,
Once brought us joy and connection,
Now replaced by sleek perfection.

But as we embrace the new and bold,
Let us not forget the stories told,
By these pieces of old technology,
That shaped our lives and history.

For though they may seem outdated,
Their impact cannot be overstated,
In shaping who we are today,
And paving the way for a brighter day.

So let us honor these relics of the past,
And cherish the memories that will last,
For though they may be old and worn,
Their legacy will forever be reborn.

Poet Bio

Wisdom Ncube is an award-winning poet from Zimbabwe. He received his primary education at Milton Junior School and later attended St. Columbus High School for his secondary education.
Ncube has a passion for writing and has been published in various online media platforms, including 3mob.com, the Queensdale Newspaper, and NewsDay. His first poetry anthology, a collection of poems, won the 2022 AfriCAN Authors Award.
Ncube’s poetry is a reflection of his personal experiences and emotions, inspired by the people, places, and events that have shaped his life. His work is characterized by a deep sensitivity to the human condition and a lyrical, evocative style.
In his free time, Ncube enjoys exploring nature and spending time with his family and friends.

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