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OnBeingHumanCover-Front300hSouth Africa, Johannesburg, 13 March 2013- On the 23 March 2013 Black Letter Media will be launching the first Poetry Potion print quarterly themed On Being Human at Time of the Writer, in Durban. While continuing to publish poetry on a daily on poetrypotion.com, from hereon there will be themed print quarterly editions. This edition will be launched at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, Wellington Tavern Deck at 18h45.

On Being Human is about what links me to you, us to them and indeed, what divides us. It’s about the existential angst we experience when faced with our inadequacies, with our uglier selves and find ourselves unable to live up to the idea of the higher self.

The poems explore the hope, beauty and the simplicity of being. They were chosen for their inspired interpretations of the theme as well as their captivating use of form, language, imagery and passion. This edition features poetry from poets from all over the African continent and interviews with some of South Africa’s inspiring voices.

On Being Human features poems from profiles Vangile Gantso who’s been making her way into the poetry scene since the mid 2000s. Zamantungwa has a conversation with Vangile about the writing process and sharing poetry on stage.

Poetry Potion’s Q&A section features poets, Mapule Mohulatsi and Sihle Ntuli. Mapule burst into the Poetry Potion view at the first 2013 Word N Sound event this year. This powerful energetic, young poet is a passionate performer. She is the first 2013 Queen of the Mic in the Word N Sound Open Mic League. Sihle Ntuli has been published several times on Poetry Potion and in this edition, his poem, The Glass Mind, is the featured poemSihle lets shares with Poetry Potion what inspires him, the influences behind his poetry and his thoughts on being human.

This edition is available on pre-order for R50. And will be available from the 23rd of March on Book Lover’s Market for R60

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published in print in Poetry Potion 2013.01 On Being Human

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