On His Class Struggle by Thendo Netshivhera

Quaz | June 28th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

When I glance at the current state of warfare
My heart cannot help but spew acrid blood
Irate at avarice mongers with little care
But vicious venom exhibits on the sad
The peasants’ sweat is refined into an oasis
Though viscid, the avarice mongers’ cup keeps to grasp
While the peasant’s drilled nature consistently gives
I attempt to dismiss this reality with no escape
A voice suddenly glides in my mind
‘Woe to the reticent with healthy speech
Calamity to principled hearts and the kind
For the sheep is a facile feast to catch
And he who fondles with his mother’s breast
Will never stop to be of awe to the beast’.

Poet Bio

Thendo Netshivhera, born at Gondeni village, Thohoyandou in the Limpopo Province. A qualified population and development practitioner. Thendo is currently studying BA in Creative Writing (English) at UNISA.

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