On love (VI) by Salimah Valiani

Salimah Valiani | Aug 31st, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


On love (VI)

Which diamonds
mined or manufactured
can be more precious
than the diamonds of sunlight touching water
rays and drops shimmering
Steadily, indefinitely

Poet Bio

SALIMAH VALIANI is a poet, activist, and researcher. She has published four collections of poetry: breathing for breadth (TSAR: 2005), Letter Out: Letter In (Inanna: 2009), land of the sky (Inanna: 2016) and Cradles (Daraja: 2017). Her latest publication is the poem-story, Dear South Africa, one of seven pieces in Praxis Magazine’s 2019-2020 Chapbook Series. Her upcoming poetry collection, 29 leads to love will be published by Inanna in 2021. Check out her work online at:  https://www.facebook.com/SalimahValianiPoet/

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