On The Road Again by Mwape Mumba

Mwape Mumba | February 13th, 2013 | current issue, poetry | No Comments

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On the road again
I remember when we first met and then
I did whatever just then to sit next to you then
This road reminds of you
Vividly the thoughts linger in my head of you
Our minds laced together at every scenery having the same point of view

Joking, laughing, I let myself be me in your presence
Gave you a big chunk of me felt like you were my deliverance
You bestowed peace and even balance
Bringing joy and plenty memories of remembrance

I saw you at 1st sight awed by you beauty
And so to sit next to you was my duty
When we sat I couldn’t stop staring over and over because of your beauty…
Your eyes of crystals sparkled
Fell in love with your hair startled
Cute face lovely cheekbones I still remember that beauty beheld
Such awesome beauty me not believing I took your hand in mine and I held

Your soft skin
Only a few hours and I already wanted to meet your next of kin
You possess the total package everything from outside and within

Could never get enough of that sight
I felt your light and would move heaven and earth with all my might
Just to be by you side and keep you in sight

On the road again
Even in your absence I fall in love again…
And heart broken again…

Poet Bio

I am an innovative, assertive guy, who loves to write and have fun! My inspirations, are broad, from real life, sci-fi, to abstract. I love art and anything that challenges the mind to think out of the Box. Love my country Zambia

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