Only, Words Do This One No Good by Zahraa Amr Al-Saif

Zahraa Amr Al-Saif | Jul 10th, 2019 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments


I’m here, sitting
You’re there, standing
We’re walking
With phones
With songs
With fancy clothes
And bags
And fake smiles
All distractions
From what’s actually happening
Nobody knows what true happiness
But let’s just smile
Nobody knows who died
Who’s happy
What happened
More than what the media is feeding you,
You know nothing
But smile
That’ll do us use
Enjoy your little victories
And easy wins
And cool handshakes
And a bag full of money
Or no money at all
Enjoy that
Nobody knows what true happiness is
but all of us feel it
So smile,
That’s how happy you are

Poet Bio

I’m an ecstatic extrovert with a heart that pumps ink. I always bleed it out and keep it safe in a pen, and when the time’s right, i spill it on paper with it’s wonderful curves, to create words.

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