Ordinary People by Afariogun

Afariogun | January 18th, 2023 | poetry | 1 Comment


…Most times we are not strange; we are just ordinary people.

I don’t listen.
I rebelled against the norms, I am an anomaly
I know you are sickened,
You had enough of my folly and absurdity.
Most times I kick against your instructions.
To have a mild taste of liberation.
I am a deviation from your golden rule.
Squandered our dreams and invest in ruins
Your parenting is solid, I brought in the ripple.
We’re not abnormal, we are simply ordinary people.

Love and Lust
Above until we are lost.
Smoked your emotions like brown cigars.
Put your heart into unrecognizable pieces like a cougar.
We built and destroyed love worthy of a mansion.
My imperfections silenced your true intentions.
You served me your flaws and your craziness as dessert.
Be gone I said. Leave me desolated I cried.
Yes, we’re once a thing, maybe a couple.
We’re not abnormal, we are only ordinary people.

Disappointment unto betrayal.
Friendship but brutal.
Many faces but not Loyal.
I wished we did not have it like that, I am sorry.
What happened was nothing strange it was merely ordinary.

I am human, you are all human too.
It happens, we’re normal, we’re Ordinary People.

Poet Bio

Olufemi Afariogun is a graduate of communication from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, and is currently a student at Crescent University, Abeokuta. He is a content and creative writer, and a poet. He is from Nigeria, staying in Lagos state.

He works as an intern at a tech company, where he works as a content creator and social media manager. He started writing poems in his second year of high school. Despite his interest in poetry, he has not published any of my work in a notable outlet.

He reads his poems to friends, and family and shares parts on his social media accounts. In this New Year, he made up his mind to share my works with a lot of people, communities, and several publications.

His voice is central to Love, Growth, Healing, Truth, and Activism. To give people hope and strength to carry on and live life.

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