Origin of Conscience by Paul Zietsman

Paul Zietsman | October 10th, 2017 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

As I woke,
Sunlight tugging at an eyelid,
In a dream remembered,
We spoke,
You sang a song, unfamiliar, yet…
birthing a pang of guilt,
Heart-wrenching tunes about respect,
Of freedoms, not being equal,
Of living a life of regret,
Your pain, by my thought, fickle,
Your forgiveness, and its effect…
a stab in the heart.. and,
The dawning of the fact…
this song was penned by my hand,
I wrote this act…

Poet Bio

Paul is an artist at heart, using the mediums of photography and poetry to express himself. The eternal search for truth is reflected in his work.


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