Other People’s Lovers by Angela Nimah

Angela Nimah | Feb 28th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


You know me like summer knows autumn is about to leave
Like winter knows spring is about to blossom
Like staying calm when I’m yelling at the top of my thyroid glands pumping veins
Angrily making myself upset
I’m crying
Like how history still matters
Like making memories again
Like corny clichés
If you love something set it free and if it comes back then it was meant to be
Like absence makes the heart grow fonder
Like this is undeniably the craziest thing to ever happen to me
You know me like split ends know the roots to my dreadlocks
Like holding myself back is all the freedom I know
Like bringing me back down to earth
You know me like minds know telepathy
Like kingship and universal brotherhood
Like stars know when it’s time to align people to places and things
Like how can 7 years still feel like that night we sat under a full moon on a rusty bench in Newtown, Johannesburg
The pages keep turning
The story unfolding
That is the beauty of our connection
You know me like conversation knows words
Like the voices in my head and the demons that hold me captive
You know me like intimacy knows silence
Like action knows meaning
You know me like air knows lungs
Like breathing knows dying
Like hands know holding
You know me like walls tumbling down
Like let my guard down
Like acquiring knowledge
Like relearning and remembering
Like you surprise me every time
Like I learn something new about you every time
And you’re learning something new about me every time

Poet Bio

Tshegofatso Angela Mogotsi, affectionately known as Angela Nimah, is a South African creative entrepreneur, musician, writer, illustrator, crochet designer and founder of crochet & knitwear clothing brand R V L™.

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