Our children are… grace by Glodina Gordon

Glodina Gordon | December 20th, 2012 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments


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A Poem A Day writing prompt… Our children are…

Our children are – Gifts of God borrowed to us but for a time,
Our children are – vulnerable yet flexible,
You can mould them, guide them yes even break them,
Our children are – sometimes the voice of God – surprising us with lessons that cut to the core,
Our children – they amuse us uplift a weary soul enabling us to soar,
Above the mundane, carnal self and see perspectives within us change,
A betterment of ourselves just because…
Our children are the parts of us that lie closest to God’s heart,
Remember when He called them unto Himself – nestled at His feet,
Remember realise that… Our children are… grace

Poet Bio

I have long since found spontaneous expression in painting, writing and music. Though I have a technical background I found release in the creative – artistic flair. I moved from Cape Town ten years ago and now call Port Elizabeth my home. I write for the joy of writing – and have been writing practically daily since childhood (journals, lyrics to music and short stories)

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