Our Love by Collen Molahlehi

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For all the times I said I’ll be there
You held onto my promises and made
Them your world,
You blinked into existence a reality
Where we had a fighting chance,
A reality where hope
Still had a place to call home
A reality where chance
Still called us by our first names
For all the times we said we’ll make it work
We drifted further, and further
Until our love became a tragedy
Not even the stars had written
We drifted further, and further
Until our love like a bouquet of roses
Withered inside the water
That fought for it to breathe
We drifted further, and further
Until our love became the seconds
In the hours, which were forgotten
Until we counted down our broken promises.

Poet Bio

Thabo Collen Molahlehi is a 24-year-old, poet, artist, and engineering student, based Johannesburg, South Africa. His published work is as follows: On the Edge, published on the AVBOB poetry website, 2020, Artist, featured in Letting in the light: A mental wellness anthology, 2021, Time, which came third placed poem on the AVBOB mini-poetry competition 2021, and A Poet’s prayer published on the AVBOB poetry competition website, 2021, When you chose to leave, Her, Death and These walls published on Papers publishing website(USA), 2023, and Under my skin, published on the Poetry Potion, 2023.

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