Out-cry by Haroon

Haroon | October 4th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments

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Women and children died trying to protect their rights
while days past trying to protect the nights
But our evil men gathered trying to protect their evil sights
The bright among-st the brightest sat aside enjoying the lights
While warriors fought a losing battle during the nights,

To earn a legacy which would lead them to victory
while they lived lives full of misery
Our warriors suffered from injuries
while we sat aside thinking of luxuries
We sacrificed our hearts for the love of the game
unknowing that by the time we learn the rules of life we’ll be too old to play the game
Trying to please the world for it’s fame
But everything will never be the same
There will come a time when the world will be against us
Do things and say I don’t give A DAMN
unknowing that victory is there forEVER
And sympathy will say “Never”
But the almighty will say ” I’m your savior”
We live lives surrounded by sorrow
And pretend to be hero’s like legend of Zorro
Fight our families forgetting that there’s tomorrow
To try and please friends who will one day block our dreams of tomorrow
We break family ties in order to accommodate strangers called “friends”
Who drive our heats on the roads of hatred and enmity
Over speed under the bridges of dignity’
And forget to stop by the robots of humanity
We will have no one to Blame
when everything will no more be the Same
We live for Fame
But that’s not our Aim
it’s just a Game
which need a Brain
To subtract the shame

Poet Bio

I am an IT graduate and a current Law student who love poetry. I have been doing poetry since high school and there’s no better place I’d rather be than a poetry world

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