Out Of The Closet by Bianca

Bianca | April 12th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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His dad would say son stop moping because it makes you weak
But his mom said my boy you’re much stronger than you think
Confused trying to figure who he is
not knowing that the answer lay within
He would put on his mother’s clothes and feel like a queen
put on make up and would like how it feels
Finally He came to terms with it and he couldn’t believe
He was gay and confident in his own skin

After a while he came out to his parents about his sexuality
His mom was proud because she always knew her son was different
But his father was embarrased and way too dissapointed
he couldn’t stand watching his son talking nonsense
So he disowned him and sent him packing
But his son was just glad he was finally out closet
Relieved that everything is now out in the open
So he left, hoping the world would be more understanding
That he was gay and like everyone else he was worth it

Poet Bio

zama Bianca is a 3rd year student studying business management but her real passion lies in writing. She loves writing poetry and short stories and very interested in Art.

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