Painting a version of you by Dshamilja Roshani

Dshamilja Roshani | Feb 13th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


The canvas is empty and white
And I know that tonight
It will remain plain.

I knew it right from the start,
This piece of art is not about you
This piece of art is about a version of you
That I paint, not on canvas,
Just using the vacant space in my heart.

Would you please come and see?

Because it gets more and more bright
With each unconstrained night
With each intense conversation shouted over beers
With each of our rhythmically dancing heartbeats
With each shared moment between your sheets,
With each of these times
You help me to draw
Another of my colourful lines.

And I begin to understand
How love is not personified
How a person is a trigger for something far bigger,
Something that reaches far deeper
Than speedy hands of a greedy gold digger
Something that keeps
The mystified,
The undefined,
The amplified,
Unrecovered hopes and wishes
Undiscovered dreams and pride
In an unknown safe space.

So we unpack each other,
Hoping to be found
Realising half way through
We do not stand on common ground

But that’s fine.

Let’s not talk about gravity
When we stand on different planets.
Because we don’t need gravity
To discover one another,
To get down with each other.

Poet Bio

Dshamilja feels things, thinks things, does things.
And she writes things to process the above.

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