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if he has the ability to speak to the nations through his music,
if he is able to pour his heart out to you in a way no one can,
he can clearly paint an image in your mind,
he can transport you to the far away place,
with the power of his words that he speaks out of the nations…
he slowly builds a temple within you,
he slowly restores lost hope and faith and brings joy and love
it is my belief that he can turn your grave to a new life experience.

[restrict]i never met him but he changed my life through the power of his spoken word
he opened me up to a world of endless possibilities,
with his words i painted a new picture
i removed the one of sadness and gloom and doom
he actually paved a new way for my life.
i do not know him but he changed me
he is the perfect stranger…
the perfect stranger that completed me with the power of nothing but a voice.
so now when i look at life i look at it from a new perspective
a new beginning for me has started thanks to him.
no actions could ever show my gratitude.
all i have right now is just a bunch of words that don’t make sense but hoping to him they will be good.
i’m not good with words but i had to say what was in my heart.
i am grateful, most grateful to the new painting discovered in me

Poet Bio

Poetic SOUL puppet is a 23 year old who loves writing and fighting all the “demons” within with words.



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