PART 6: They are here (Extract from Tswalo) by The TheatreDuo

The TheatreDuo | April 21st, 2019 | poetry | No Comments

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Draw implored locks to surrender and be murdered, Display a rogue raven and toss the plumage.
Entomb the momentous entourage shadowing you. Speak eulogies to the blames bestowed upon you, Escape these drapes that hang like black clouds above your diadem.

Throw the throne in a pit of molten lava.

Melt it, with all coinage.
Bury the sole capital in a coffer,
Coffins lie to carry monetary.
The mortgagee runs the mortuary, moth-eaten currency.
The wrath of an undertaker gobbled your scent.

Humble the maiden arrogant name you hold. Quickly conceal the prints on your chest. Crickets and rifles sought to sound similar. Pardon the doorbells of death in the night. Harvest safe haven in the midst of gloom. Darlings despair over cracks of loom-doom. Omit the giant ants from a group of termites. Set ablaze sage weeds,

the smog in linger awoke the bats. Caves, hallowed mountains
Crave bellowed men slaves.
They are here! 

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