Pause by Naazneen Laher

Naazneen Laher | August 31st, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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Oh sweet soul
Pause for a second
Fly planes deep into imagination
Stay a little longer
For this world is far too fast paced,
Unsympathetic and cold
It’s not yet your time to grow out of pure innocence, care and bravery
This mother needs a pause
For she is slowly mending toughness
In the crevices of your might
As she holds onto your tiny delights
She slowly instills wonderment for life
Pausing through the force of passing time
To engrave acceptance and acknowledgement
Holding on for dear life to not let you
Crumble and fall
Beneath the towers of troubles
Under the gaze of unmet intent
But with the desire for your
Rise with no fall
Oh sweet child please-
Slow down…
For your time to face it all alone
Shall be withered away
By the force of
A mothers determination

Poet Bio

Naazneen is a poet and English educator. She has a collection of poems published on Amazon, Musings of my Soul. Read more of her work on Instagram @poemsbynaaz

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