Pebble Rebirths by K.I.N.G Cedric

K.I.N.G Cedric | Jul 31st, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


It’s been a rocky
Journey through
This cloudy mist
Of Euphoric

Secrets locked
In a bedridden subconscious
Numbed by Santa, my clause
Altered my state of joy with elves
Into squabbles with pagan monsters

Till the day where a little boy
Returned as a promise
He gave me the last
Of his pebbles to blow on

Instead I strike them
They bleed
Sparks and catch
A contradiction
To this cold night

When we spoke, he asked
What am I running from?
With a wide objective smile
I said I am running home
To a new beginning

I have traveled
Far and wide in different lands
Hillbrow scams,made friends
With shady clans and I ran
The course of my obligations

I did all I had to do
Wrote notes on what to improve
Passed smoke to release
The residue of the darkness
I consume

I spoke life
To full moon midnight’s
Huddled with candles
To light my path towards
Selfish righteousness

I only write what’s
Right for me these days
I am a law unto myself
A constitution unto my black
These wounds tattoo liberation on my back

I gave it all, to them all
I must retire to build for self
Now, my golden years
In sandy beaches
Have just begun

He smiled
We strolled for shells
And good luck charms
From the oceans love
And splashed out loud

In laughter I remember
This little boy is a younger king
The joy and glee I used to beam
Before the world got hold of me

I remember to return to I
The heart, the mind and
Holy life.

The spirit rise
The honest vibes
Reincarnation is truly mine

[I remember to return to I
The heart, the mind and
Holy life.

The spirit rise
The honest vibes
Reincarnation is truly mine]

Poet Bio

Born Malibongwe Sicelo Cedric Dladla K.I.N.G Cedric is a Poet, Independent Creative Journalist, and community practitioner. With a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology and Sociology) Degree, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate with Google Skills for Africa his newfound lease on poetry follow 14 years of informal nurturing is rested upon following all his spiritual callings one stanza at a time.
K.I.N.G Cedric has performed at the Pietermaritzburg Poetry Festival, Cup ‘O Thought, Tree of Poetry, CSP Poetry Slams (Durban Edition), UKZN (Howard and Pietermaritzburg Colleges), The Backyard Arts Session, The Live Experience in association with 95 Photography and most recently, Bloom SA (Launch Event). His writing has been published on CULTURE Review Magazine, Texx and The City and Poetry Potion.

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Twitter: @KINGCedric95
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