Pen Pal by Nkwana Joshua

Nkwana Joshua | March 31st, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

we wrote for others
those clueless of how our faces look
we wrote for them
the ones who failed to embrace their pain
we continued
one line below another
we searched through pockets of our hearts
our bruises were there
but we wrote
ignored an oozing wound
we knew nothing of smiles,
love and good days;
we lived in another sphere
gave hugs to pen
and kiss the paper,
we knew nothing of butterflies
how sweet words sound like,
we licked salty ocean of our tears
perhaps we found them tasty at times,
made a poem worth reading;
perhaps we found love in its flow.

Poet Bio

Nkwana Joshua is a poet, fine art artist and former mechanical engineering student. Born and raised in Limpopo, Burgersfort, currently living in Tembisa.

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