Perception: I wish I was told by Eurika Mogane

Eurika Mogane | Jan 8th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments



It won’t always be this intense,
Wipe your eyes I know right now it doesn’t make sense.
You’ve changed!
You’re no longer that starry-eyed individual who had so many dreams.

All those years that brought you disappointment have stolen from you.
They have changed you!

You no longer see the silver lining on the clouds,
… you just imagine the impact of the storm.
You no longer see the promise in the rainbow,
… you just look at the impact of the mud.
You no longer appreciate the sun’s beautiful rays,
… you just detest the impact of the heat.

It’s not that the world has stopped being kind to you,
You’ve just stopped seeing its kindness.
It’s not that the world has changed,
You’ve just allowed past pain to be your familiar friend.

Perception goes a long way.
Sheds some light on a brand new day.
Be careful of what you say.
Your mindset either dims or enhances your light.

Before anxiety consumes you,
Before bitterness engulfs you,
Before depression feeds on you,
Before your fears confuse you,
Before your insecurities paralyse you…

Take that grand step of faith today!

Change your perception,
Deliver yourself into your dreams,
Breakthrough into your hopes,
And finally… shift your paradigms!

Make this Year count!

Poet Bio

Eurika Thabile Mogane, born in Nelspruit is a passionate Inspirational Writer and an awardee of the International Golden Key Honours Society.

She is also the content contributor for the CANSA Relay For Life articles and is a Public Speaker. She is known for her inspirational truths and commitment to Publishing Services and Events Management.

She holds qualifications in Community Journalism, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, as well as Bsc Biomedical Sciences(current pursuit)

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