Perfect Product by K.G. Munro

K.G. Munro | Jan 6th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


A fragile mind–
–fractured into pieces, made into persona’s
Locked up, he can’t even breathe in peace
They tell him what to eat, what to feel, what to wear
He hates it, its suffocating and demeaning, and archaic
Yet, everyone thinks his life is perfect
They couldn’t be more wrong about that.

His ashen skin barely sees sunlight,
When he’s out,
Dyed brown locks are just another thing
He doesn’t have any control over his life
There are days he questions why he’s here,
He’s so sedated that he can’t even shed his own tears.

He smiles but he’s praying for freedom
Screaming for someone to listen
Its a message, save him from his “loved one’s”
Before, they break his will and his neck
Those closest to you can be worse than any enemy–
–you’ve ever had
People who act as if locking you up,
Is for your own benefit, to protect you from the world that is so bad.

Poet Bio

K.G. Munro is an author, poet, and artist. Her poetry has been published in other outlets such as Poetry Potion, LovePoetry, PSH, and FeversOfTheMind.

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