Perpetual Now by Celia Turner

Celia Turner | February 22nd, 2024 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

Poet Bio

is the Continental Divide
precipice of mountain tightrope
you walk, concentration of one foot
in front of the other,
original mind,
animal mind,

stuff of subconscious left to do
due diligence,

abandonment to moment,
to body, the breath,
intersection where the you
of you collides, merges with
the where.

Poet Bio

Celia Turner is a Loveland published poet in Northern Colorado Writers and Columbine Poets annual anthologies,Poetry Potion and winner of the 2020 Denver Women’s Press Club Unknown Writer’s Contest. She regularly studies poetry, takes workshops and classes. The Grind online practice of a daily poem submitted to a random participating group each month has been a boon. Poetry for her is an ongoing intimate conversation she continues to have with those unmet but not unknown.

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