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Hazel Hutamo | March 27th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 1 Comment

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A camera snap captures time.
It freezes time.
Pictures hold moments and stories.
Emotional tales told by faces.
Emotions that paint out the pictures.
Time sold out by crooked smiles,two edges eye sights and wrinkles.

From the bringing of time to time indefinite.
From passing out of the womb to passing out into what’s beyond time.
Pictures keeping tome that I’ll live and die out of.

Snaps of blur versions that give a clear way to the end.
A pile of blank photos defining sides that I am not being.
A blind eye is what’s used to look at these pictures.
Blank as they are,
they make sounds.
Sounds of chasing bloody blades.
The sound of my lonely town.
Sounds of hands swaying in the air waving goodbye.
The sound of a bird that wasn’t in the picture.
Bird songs under the bring sun’rays cutting through the clear sky.
Cries of an owl under the moon-light during Dawn’s moments.

Picture frames carved out of cold iron.
Bold,dark and hard.
Caging me in.
Frames made out of feathers.
Light and thin yet solid.
Freeing me to live beyond these captured moments.
Beyonce these pictures.

Poet Bio

Hazel Hutamo is a 21 years old young woman who takes writing as a hobby.

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1 thought on “Pictures by Hazel Hutamo”

  1. Timeless images that live within the moments capture… i was thinking of photos that are dear to me.

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