Pilgrimage by Stepfada

Stepfada | May 2nd, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


The land has voyaged
Through thick & thin
To cater breath
For species to breathe

We’ve made our effort
To vent out our living ideas
Until we’d dent surfaces
To prove that once we lived
And cultivated marks,
Proving our existence.

I still stand, unshaken!
The origami in my skin
Are folding layers
& drawing lines of age
I thrive to endure the weights
Of ancestral messages
Scribbled in generational pages
To pack away the fog of consciousness
And reveal that:
Time is a precious machine
To record the contents of our beautiful memories.
Rest in pilgrimage,
Because life belongs to those
Who keep going for a good cause!

Poet Bio

Camagu Gongxeka, 27, is an English and Xhosa teacher based in Eastern Cape. A graduate in Humanities and social science. He is a stage performer, a founder of Fort Hare’s TRC drama group. He draws passion and inspiration from Surrealism and its arts. He is a professional who views life as a rendezvous to expand learning.

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