Pins and needless by Ngoma Go Global

Ngoma Go Global | January 16th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


Her eyes are warning flags
Especially when they’re smiling
They hold me intensely like pain inside a teardrop
And I’m hanging on to the cliffs of their waterfall
Because I don’t ever want to see her cry

These pins and needles of brittle air I breath
Sew the torn threads of me into the love I wear
Within the warm pocket of love that remains
Whenever she takes my breath away
Because I need somebody to die for

Her heart’s a dragon’s den
Glowing a love so golden
And for just an ounce she might be willing to share
I’ll be the red in her conflagration
Because I need to feel her rush through my bloodstream

Poet Bio

I’m an aspiring writer. A lover of music and poetry. A sketch artist and creator of unique artworks called terraformers designed from 100% recycled plastic bottles and caps.

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