Plant Seeds and Watch them grow by Victor Akarachi Nwogu

Victor Akarachi Nwogu | August 3rd, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

She waits for deeds bold and brave
To give her nod to the actions of men
Who will through pain win gain
Chiding the breakthroughs of tomorrow
Like a sperm cell becomes a child
And a whisper becomes a voice

We pause to ask several questions
But the answers lie in eternity
Set like a timeless clime within us
The boundary of which is limitless
Always wondering where to go
Like a cow that cannot lead itself

Simple arithmetic is not always simple
And common sense not always common
Bustles and hustles are not always fruitful
And struggles not always gainful
Muscles do not always lift lodes
And thoughts are not always bad

Plant a pretty little seed
Let it die in the wealthy loam
Sprouting and growing,
It will open into beautiful petals
You will see that a girl soon becomes a woman
And a forest was once a ‘careless’ seed

Poet Bio

Victor Akarachi Nwogu is a prolific poet who has written several poems. He is the author of Blossomed Cherries: the ultimate love experience. He is a motivational speaker, a philosopher and a careful observer of things. He hails from Abia State in Nigeria

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