Playing House by Loic Ekinga

Loic Ekinga | Mar 21st, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


You can recount six dirty hands
Two of whom were your brother’s.
Your breasts were sanded by their passion
When they took what you
Thought you gave.
Boys like brave little girls
Girls like you want male friends
To feel safe, so you give.
Tomorrow you will play that
Game again with their hands
And your brother will be there
So it’s okay…
15 years later you will turn on
The TV and hear: “The sheep hugged the wolf”
And you feel something
Deep inside, something
The TV will mention
Something about
Walking in your mother’s
But your brother was around,
We have nothing to talk about
The lies were necessary

Poet Bio

Loic Ekinga is a lazy congolese writer who wishes to sleep more. His work focuses on the human condition and his childhood and sometimes healing. His work has been featured on Kalahari Review and Type/Cast. His chapbook 12 Things You Failed At As A Man Today was an honourable mention on Praxis.

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