Poem of the Day: Columbus day by Charl Landsberg

Charl Landsberg | October 12th, 2012 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

Poet Bio

A Poem A Day writing prompt: Speaking Truth to Power

How strange it is to see this man
Exalted with such vanity
Who brought with him, trailing behind him
That empire that would decimate a country

And the white man celebrates this day
They celebrate the theft of land
They celebrate the murder of its inhabitants
They bespeak some significance at hand

Conveniently forgetting, stupidly so
The graves in their wake
The very tombstones around which they dance
Being used as coffee tables for their cake

Does the white man have no honour?
Have we such gall? Have we no respect?
Do we truly expect to believe this lie?
A history of war and neglect?

Poet Bio

Charl Landsberg is a South African poet, academic, musician, artist who focusses on issues of injustice particularly surrounding racism, classism, sexism, homophobia and issues of poverty, HIV and AIDS and political corruption.

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