Poem of the Day: Gorgeous Dessert by Sun Sword

Sun Sword | October 12th, 2012 | a poem a day challenge, featured poem | No Comments

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A Poem A Day writing prompt: The beauty of things

My sweet, juicy, tasty treat
An image of you warms my body
The taste of you dances on my palette
Vivid colors fill my horizon with your presence
My epicurean masterpiece
Exquisite morsel
Craving each gratifying drop of your sweet nectar
My sensuous delicacy
I spend my days longing
Yearning for your aphrodisiac nourishment
To bask in it
Your exquisiteness cascading over me
My libidinous confection
I live for these moments
Only you and I
Sensual perspiration rolling over our bodies
While I lose myself in the presence of my Venus
As we savor the beauty of our hedonistic dessert

Poet Bio

Nerd at heart, easy going guy just sharing my inner thoughts with the world.

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