poem of the day: Young Bloods by zamantungwa

zamantungwa | September 10th, 2012 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

This is a poem for the youths of ’76 and all the ages who did more than what was expected of them…

our heartbeats stampeded
on Vilakazi Street it was
Biko’s call
Black is Beautiful
Black is Beautiful
ricocheting off the caspers into our ears
escaping death at the end of piercing bullets
chasing freedom to decolonise young minds
Hastings was already slipping but still
Mbuyisa tried to elevate Life not
realising Hector had turned to water
slipping through fingers blood seeped
into the earth quenching roots
that struggled to twist in oppressive tongues
in their minds Biko’s spirit danced
the unconscious young were awoken

our heartbeats hammered
down Vilakazi Street
Antoinette let out a cry of a million mothers
raining on the suffering land
their lament was heard by Sobukwe
this Afrika is for Afrikans
she carries in uprising Tomorrow’s future
letting him not hit the ground
willing Life to stay racing against time
Life seeped between their fingers
and like Hani, the fire burnt to amber
Tsietsi had led them to this moment in history
Madikizela could see from afar
young bloods toiling for their sanity
locked up minds would be awakened
by our blood curdling protest

our heartbeats charged
down Vilakazi Street
racing after Freedom flowing down the avenue
passed that mama standing at the gate with
that look that said ‘ah but these children’ on her face
but these were Mxenge’s children
burning with Hani’s desire,
the dream of Sisulu were burnished in their souls
Plaatjies tales tattooed in their hearts
so when Hector sighed his last breath
a tear escaped out of her eyes
down her face
became one with Antoinette’s cries
they became one with Mbuyisa’s holding up
the fading light, lights our way

hearts beat still
down Vilakazi Street
young bloods painting our feet
we bathing in their dreams
their cries scorching our minds
they were the key unlocking our minds
now we pick Hector
race down Vilakazi Street
through all of Soweto, thru Alex, Boipatong
we pick up Biko, Hani, Meer, Sobukwe and all of them we gather their spirits
run through the east, the north, the capes, through all of South Africa
we need to lift up their beautiful minds
our young minds
light the way
young bloods light the way.

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