Poem of the Week: To be young, educated & South African (Part I) by Reitumetse Johnson

Reitumetse Johnson | September 7th, 2012 | featured poem, poetry | No Comments


To be young
is a gift,
in the hands of a nation,

…One full of lavender mornings,
creatures in dance
lulu songs of hope
to the fears
and fragile hearts…

To be young,
South African

It’s a stellar glory,

One that ferrets
our rainbow wishes
beyond the color of our eyes,
and stir deeply into the centre,
in awe,
as if life has just begun.

To be young
Is a song
Which we dance to,
find joy in
unwilling to let go
of the notes,
to an unending rapture.

Poet Bio

Reitumetse Johnson is simply a wirter, member of AzaliNuru movement, activist, poet, father, son, lover and loves Afrika dearly.

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